Layering - User Defined

Hi Folks,

As we start to build larger and more complex models, an efficient and clean use of layers in SketchUp becomes increasingly important. Could you consider adding to your list of additions to PlusSpec a User defined Layers List, so we can define where the PlusSpec plugin places each entity. I know we can modify some basic Layering in some of the tools, but there are a number of layers that we still do not have control of.

I struggled with model organisation until Michael Brightman released his methodology, and now, Layering and nested groups are a key part of my workflow.


Hi TDC, thanks for your comments. You can define your layers in the layer drop down :wall-tool: . You will notice there is a layer name that is already set which works with the scene creator. if you change this layer you will find your scene creator may not control the model as intuitively as it does yet it will still work. To over ride this problem you can put in a one time value.
Currently the scenes are set up in a way that the logical sequence of construction works on numerical order. EG draw a slab, walls and a roof and you will see that the slab will be 16, walls 17 etc. To see how this works in the big scheme of things click the :takeoff: and it will automatically sequence the events as default. Yet if you decide you want to create a multi stage building you can then start drawing stage 2 and change the number in front of the layer say new slab could be 36 slab this way you will have the sequence of evens change. I hope that makes sense. It sounds as though you have a good understanding of how layers work in 3d…
If you have an example of the way you like to label layers could you send me an example?
We are working on an advanced layer manager and your input would be much appreciated.

I am not familiar with Michael Brightmans methodology, could you post a link?
It is good to see the community starting to get the hang of the work flow. There is logic programmed in and we are trying to make it as intuitive as possible, all comments help.
I think it will not be long before I have to do some advanced tutorials.
This is just the beginning…

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the explanation of your Layering scheme. I can’t recall reading that anywhere that the numbers refer to the 4D aspect of projects.

I did find layering fields in some of the tools, but as I mentioned, there are many that are not available to be modified. I would love to be able to change the layer names so they conform with my projects.

Here is a link to Michael Brightmans book, The Sketchup Workflow for Architects. I believe he was presenting at the 3D Basecamp?