Layer Information

Is a chart available illustrating the PlusSpec layering scheme?
When working PlusSpec driven models, in my mind some the layer descriptions do not clearly indicate what they are controlling or how they are nested.
Trying to turn things on and off to figure this out slows things down.
It would be very helpful to add new geometry seamlessly into the PlusSpec layering scheme when utilizing the power of SketchUp drawing outside of PlusSpec.

Hopefully there is a simple solution at hand.

Thank you.


Hi Steve, Grant has this information and can get it to you. Can I ask what you are using PlusSpec for? The more I understand about the request the better I. Can PM Grant and I your PlusSpec registration details so we can help?

Hi Andrew, thank you for your reply.

For the question at hand I am using PlusSpec for a residential remodeling project:

  • to draw an existing structure including exterior and interior detailing
  • to add/move walls, doors, etc. within the existing shell

In supplement to PlusSpec, I have and need to add specific detailed geometry:

  • custom designed cabinets specific to the project
  • custom designed trim (casing, base, etc.) specific to the project
  • custom interior sofit specific to the project
  • custom designed exterior fence

In summary, I am using SketchUp, PlusSpec, and additional extensions to:

  • design/detail clients requests
  • illustrate proposals to client
  • quantify/illustrate new work and existing structure to subcontractors
  • quantify materials
  • produce drawings as/if needed

Obviously there is much more than listed, however I hope this helps in definition.

I look forward to Grants follow up.


Hi Steve,

My apologies in the delay in responding back to you.

I will get the layer information over to you sometime over the next day or so.

Would you be able to please send an email to so that I can email the information to you directly?