layer classification in Plusspec

what classification is used in Plusspec?
I try to use an internationally recognized classification for my sketchup models.
After research I found no international classification consistent with that used in Plusspec.
The classifications used for BIM models are in Europe:
BB / SfB - (sweden and belgium, Continental Europe)
COBie - United Kingdom
Others can be used internationally:
ICC - International Code Council, which wants to be international but which is used in the USA …
NCC in Australia …
and … there are many others …

it would harmonize the production of BIM model designed by Plusspec with other standards BIM: REVIT, Archicad …

Also, if I rename the Plusspec layers, and I create a model Type in sketchup, will it cause problems in the workflow ???
thank you for your answer,

(sorry for my english language : gxxgle translate…) :neutral_face:
Laurent, architect in France

Hello Laurent, nice to meet you.
Laurent, we started a custom PlusSpec specific layering convention. However, you can change the layer names in the menus, yet, I do not recommend this until you understand how layers work inside Sketchup. If you are new, I suggest learning the tools first and what they do. Get used to using the orange help tabs and the scene creator and then pay attention to what the layers do when changing scenes and creating scenes.

If you are going to change the layer names, you will find that the scene creator will not control layers as expected, this is not a big deal as you can simply open a blank Sketchup model (with no layers). Push the Scene creator button :scene-gen: and then change the scene names changin layer names in PlusSpec for Sketchup.png according to what you changed them to in the toolsets, then go to File Save As Template. One other thing you should do is fill out your details in the job tool :job-tool: before saving the template.

TIP ensure you write down any changes you do and then update your default template. If there are scenes or sections that you will not use, delete them. You may also like to change the section cut name. You will notice that the section planes are also on layers, so be careful not to change these as your model will not work the way you expect if you do you need to update the scene and then re-save as a template.

In short, we will be leaving the layers the way they are as you may have noticed that the layers actually work in a (general) numerical sequence of construction, there is logic in the layering convention. Basically the lower the number, the earlier it is in the construction phase. Some of our users use layers to schedule projects.

Good luck. I hope that helps.