Kitchen + Bath tools lacking...

With all the 3D power of SketchUp and PlusSpec, it seems that the Kitchen and Bathroom areas are lacking when it comes to cabinets, appliances, bathroom fixtures, etc. What is everyone else doing to complete these tasks to make a good 3D presentation of these areas? Using another addon, etc? Thanks for any input/help!

Hi CADGroup,

Have you checked out RubySketch’s Free 3D Component Library? If you want to jazz up your model with some real manufacturers products from kitchen appliances to fixings you should check it out:

Alternatively, you could Check out the SketchUp 3D Warehouse which you can access by going Window > 3D Warehouse inside of SketchUp (or head here There’s a lot of cool components here ranging from cars to furniture to complete houses. You do have to be careful to not overdo the amount of 3D warehouse components in your model though, as detailed components can cause SketchUp to crash.

Hope this helps!

  • Emily