keeping regular data [Job tool]

Hi guys, just had a thought the other day. Not sure about others but I’m the only one working on my projects [in PlusSpec anyway] and I was wondering if its worth having the ability to tick a box to fix regular information when starting a new job. I know its not a game breaker but it makes little sense to add into to a file that is the same every time…


Hi Andrew,

This an interesting idea. I like it and think it can work, I will talk about this with the other developers along with your other post.

Keep posting ideas everyone, we are open to all ideas.

Kind regards

Glad to hear, Dean!!

I like this idea. It means that you could set up company templates.

Good question and here is the way I do it.
Fill in the :job-tool:
go to file save as template. This way you will no longer have to fill in the details again. :slight_smile: