Joist tool

Hi, joist tool with double start doesn’t work if you set the offset to 0mm - ie the double tight together. the end joist 0mm setting works fine. also want the spacing to suit fixing flooring so the first joist starts 22.5 less than your joist spacing so regular flooring sheet ends land on centre of joists. Thanks -Matt

Hi Matt,

We are able to replicate the “double starting beam” issue, thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’ve passed it on to the development team to fix. What I would recommend doing in the meantime is to either use the double start option but make the offset larger than 0mm & then manually move the beam into place, OR you can draw in the missing beam using the ‘Draw Single Joist/Beam’ option from the dialog.

Regarding the joist spacing, since the spacing is worked out from the first point of the joist & there’s currently no option to adjust specific spacings (i.e. first, last, etc), I would recommend manually moving the beams to the desired positions.

Please note that any manual edits mentioned above will be reverted if/when the joist is updated using a PlusSpec tool. This is the same for any manual edits done in PlusSpec walls, roofs, etc.