Joist tool playing up

Hi there,

The joist tool is not working properly and seems to have a few issues. Firstly, the options for floor joists do not appear and I have to click through all the options and then return to floor joist. At this point the options appear. The second issue I’m encountering is that the joist tool will not update any existing floor joist components. Example - If I want to remove/change flooring, I am unable to do so. Just wondering what steps I have to take to find the root of the issue. Thank you for any assistance given!

Hi Brendan, this is a new one that I have not heard of.
This is what I would do first.

  1. Start a new SketchUp model, draw some floor joists, and edit them. Is this working? If not, can you save the model and attach it here so we can take a look at the model?
  2. If it is working, there is a good chance that you may have grouped the floor joists Eg add multiple groups together in a new group, you can tell if this is the case by triple clicking and then try and edit the joist.
  3. You could also try going to the Extension menu in Sketchup, going to PlusSpec>restore factory default and then click “YES” to Default Options

Let me know how you go.