Job vacancy - PlusDesignBuild User

Hi Guys
We are Sunshine Coast based design/construct home builders looking for a PlusDesignBuild user to contract overflow work on a part time basis, happy for you to work remotely, happy to train up from PlusSpec and happy to discuss staggered hours and working around current employment situation. Can pay hourly or by agreed contract for services offered. Contact thru this forum or direct to


Have you had any luck finding anyone to help? We are in WA and would be looking for someone for the same thing.

Hi Trueline, not one reply
Guess everyone is busy
Might have to get a school leaver and train them up

Hi Guys, as you know the industry is super busy, unfortunately, 99.9% of designers estimators and builders (worth their salt) all have more work than they can handle. We will also add a request for registration for users looking to help others if that will help? In an ideal world, what would the perfect applicant look like? Building Skills, estimating Skills or Design Skills?
I overheard Andrew talking with a client (PlusDesignBuild) in Sydney that’s looking for someone full-time for a huge retirement project… We also have builders who are hanging up the builder’s hat just to do work for other builders yet these guys are also super busy.

I talk with businesses who use PlusSpec and PlusDesignBuild every day and yes, getting a TAFE UNI or even a school leaver is the best way to move forward in this climate. You also get the advantage of youth tech exposure and shaping staff to work the way your business does.

Hi Guys,

I am interested if anyone needs assistance in house modelling. I have done few jobs so far. not an expert but i can efficiently make a model with helping tools available here. Please reach me

Hi Guys

Be happy to help out where I can. I am based in NZ and am a registered Architect in Qld. I have been using plusspec for about a year and i have experience with residential commercial and industrial projects. Good thing is according to my bookkeeper wife you won’t have to pay GST on my services either. You can reach me on

Great to see you all sharing contacts, guys we get people every week asking for users, so great post. Sorry, you cant share URLs s; unfortunately, the spammers ruined that. Some of the posts we had to remove… :astonished:

Hi guys,

I have been providing a modeling/constructabilitydetailing/estimating service to Aussie builders for the last 5 years, primarily for custom builders in the residential sector. I am an expert in all things SketchUp and Plusspec (although learning all the time).

I am currently looking to take on a few more clients. If you are still after this kind of service please reach out to me at and I can send you some of my work and discuss your particular requirements.