Items Not showing in takeoff

Hi Guys

I am having an issue with the takeoff of materials once I changed the default texture or colour. The screenshot below shows I have selected the 2 posts, and then went to take off selections only. One has a colour change and one default. It is only taking off the unchanged one.

I am also not having items show up in the general takeoff once I change the tag. Specifically when I change the tag and BOQ category in the beam tool. They show in the right category when I right click and take off selections. However they don’t show at all when I use the general take off tool

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your post.

I’m not sure what issue is occurring here as the screenshot you mentioned didn’t come through or wasn’t uploaded/attached. However, if you’ve removed the original PlusSpec material & replaced it with another material (e.g. a non-estimating SketchUp material) then it won’t appear in the takeoff as only materials created within PlusSpec will appear in the takeoff. If this doesn’t answer your enquiry, can you please resend the screenshot? Could you also please send the model to so we can look into it further? Thanks.

Regarding the takeoff items not appearing, I’ve responded to this in another post (link below).

Hi Adam, it would be good to see the file. FYI, when you change the Tag of an item, it should/will be in the takeoff, yet it will be under the new tag name and possibly category (if you changed it). The best way to find it is to use the search function at the top of the Takeoff/estimate/BOQ.

To filter or find items in an estimate or BOQ, follow these steps;

  1. Click the Takeoff / BOQ button in the PlusDesignBuild toolbar
  2. Type in part or all of the material, component or product name (if you type the entire name it must be an exact name match)
  3. Click the Search button. This will open any folders/categories it might be inside and highlight the item in a green colour. Note this will also work for recipes in your BIM report.

How to search or filter an estimate form a BIM  BOQ in PlusSpec PlusDesignBuild for Sketchup .jpg
Let me know if this doesn’t work, or copy and paste the items not estimating into a new Sketchup file & upload the model here, mate.