Is there a way of accessing the list of available materials?

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Yes, using the Price tool :pricing-tool: you’re able to associate price to individual materials or export a full list of all the materials (including ones you’ve created yourself), get your suppliers to fill in the prices or take the prices from your financial software (PlusDesignBuild will soon do this automatically with Xero) and then import them back into PlusSpec. You’re correct, the prices associated with the materials will be retained until you change them.

Unfortunately, there are no live price update features yet, but we have some things brewing behind the scenes for in the future so watch this space :slight_smile:

I hope this helps answer your question! Let me know if you have any further questions

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If you are using PlusDesignBuild for estimating, you can export all of your materials and components in one go for pricing or recognition. You can also rename materials & components in the edited/see more menu and associate specification notes and URLs for suppliers and subs.
Exporting to excel from database of materials for estimating or price association in PlusDesignBuild.jpg
how to Change material and texture name or create a new material inside PlusSpec.jpg

here’s how:

  1. Click estimate
  2. Click pricing
  3. Click Export Material pricing
  4. Select the drop-down and choose all
  5. Select the file location where you want to save the CSV/Excel file ( this will enable you to see all the material names and associated prices.
    6, If you want to change the name or the price associated, you can simply create a duplicate in the material selection box
    A) Search the material you are looking for in the search box inside the PlusDeisgnBuild BOQ/Takeoff
    B) Click on Edit/See more
    C) Change the name + associate it, and save it for next time. ( the renamed items will come through into your export next time you export pricing)

I hope that helps.