Irregular walls - requesting sophisticated wall edit tools

Hi developer team,

Your wall tools become very cumbersome when the design is not a box.
In fact, I had to use way too many workarounds for my design - more details below - Any feedback and tips are appreciated.

The main purpose of this mail however is to request better control over irregular wall geometry and especially I would like to suggest more detailed control over the extent of the wall`s constituting layers

Would you consider a method/tool that is similar to the Revit “Assembly” editor? <<<<<<<<<<<<<

The basic idea is to enable modifications to the extent of each layer separately.

Here are some examples where it would be useful:

  • wall studs extend all the way to a parapet, but bulk insulation layer terminates at a lower datum, where it meets the roof insulation layer.
  • irregular extent of external cladding - see my example below.
  • multiple external cladding types on one wall. Stacked wall with three and more cladding types.
  • stacked wall with a sloped transition between the different wall types

Please see the attached file, showing my design of a small first floor wall with a door, a corner window, sloped top and one sloped side.
Screenshot 2020-09-15 104909.jpg

  • First drawback is that I had to model 4 walls instead of just one; that is so inefficient; stupid in fact. Imagine you need to update that design a number of times - it would become a time sink.
  • Secondly, I cannot see a plusspec tool that allows me to terminate the external timber cladding of a skillion wall horizontally , just above the door . Above that, in that triangular portion of the wall, there is to be fibre cement cladding. Don`t suggest to fragment the wall even more to make it work …:frowning:

I am aware of the possibility to use native sketchup tools post creation of plusspec walls… but that is not workable because those custom changes are all lost upon any further plusspec wall edits - and we all know that there will always be something to amend at a later stage of the project! The way I have experienced Plusspec is “either Plusspec OR sketchup”. That is contrary of what your marketing is promising. Such a deal breaker for me. I am following your software updates with anticipation, but at this stage I cannot see why I would maintain my Plusspec subscription.

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your post.

We will take a look at these items with the development team and see what we can come up with!

Kind Regards,