Hi all,

I just wanted to give a quick introduction, as the software is looking really promising! I am a senior BIM manager in the Middle East and originally from The Netherlands.

I’ll keep track on the progress and keep an eye out on the forum!

Hey Mark,

Thanks, we will have updates very soon, keep an eye out for news and release dates on our forum and our blog.


Can you please tell us what “very soon” means?
Is it possible to become a beta-tester?

Hi there,

We are at the final stages before the release. We are still working on this software based on our beta-release users to fix any major bugs.
We will keep you up to date with the outcome via our website.


I remind of myself.

I repeatedly made an application on participation in a beta - testing BUT, have not received such possibility!

I speak to you that it is ready to test the program in its any condition!
Give me the answer to my requests.

I thank.

Hi Igor,

the software is now ready to purchase.

Please visit for more information

Hi All,
I’m John and live in Beaverton, Oregon.
I have been using SketchUp since v2.

I was formally employed by Brown and Caldwell Environmental Engineers and Consultants (
I used SketchUp for proposal, presentation, design, and operation and maintenance manuals.
Focus of many projects related to water treatment and conveyance systems.

A particular complex project was the following: in which SU was used for the initial design of various components and then exported for use in final construction drawings in AutoCad.

I am very hopeful that PlusSpec will be extremely useful in modeling Pump Station and Wastewater Treatment Facilities and as well as residential structures.

Hi John welcome aboard. I had a bit more of a play with your model from basecamp. I’ve put a couple of things on the to do list to enable bim on existing models. I’ve got some cool ideas that I’m sure will save you some time in the future.
Thanks for the emails they are a big help.