Intersect wall with roof/ground

I’m VERY new to PlusSpec and was wondering if there was an easy way to extrude walls so they intersect with roofs as well as site slopes. For example, on a sloped block, is there a tool that allows me to drop the wall so it intersects with the ground, rather than manually redefining each wall? I know in Archicad there is a intersect with roof/ground tool, I was just wondering if there was one for PlusSpec too?

Hi Gareth,

When dealing with sloped blocks it all depends on the house design. Currently We do not have an extrude tool but it has been talked about. It is something for the future.

Currently the best way is to draw multiple walls. You can also draw skillion walls for slopping blocks.

I would start with drawing all of my normal ground floor and then do the fill in last.

Ill do my best to create a tutorial. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Kind Regards