Internal wall

Hi guys,
I noticed a small bug for the internal walls.
After placing an internal wall and selecting 10mm plasterboard both sides - If I go back to the wall tool and select internal wall again one side of the wall defaults to “Aquachek”. So then I have to pick 10mm plasterboard again each time. Doesn’t remember my last selection. See screen shot
Screen Shot.jpg

Hi simsy62,

Thank you for your post.

It appears as though after selecting the materials and drawing the internal wall you changed to a different wall type then changed back to ‘Internal Only’. The materials in the Wall Tool will only remember the common materials selected for the walls (e.g. plasterboard for Masonry Veneer will stay the same for the internal side of the Internal Only wall). Would you be able to please let me know if this was the process you took?

What I would recommend to do is to right-click on walls that you want to use the same values and materials and select ‘+ WALLS > Create Similar Walls’ then create the walls as normal.

I normally do all my external walls, then move on to the internals, so I was only using internal walls when I noticed this. Like you say, it’s the external side of the internal wall. I will use the “create similar walls” in future - Thanks for the response.