Intergrated Project delivery

Hey all, we have been getting an influx of companies too busy to do more work as they are either have too much on or building or holidaying or counting their extra cash they made because they were using PlusSpec… :mrgreen:

[b]As we know architects and designers job is to design and draft in most cases.

We know that the builders job is to build and in many cases: quote/estimate, become a marriage counsellor, a solicitor and a beer drinker.

We know that the quantity surveyor or estimators job is to quantify products and sometimes labour to build a project.

Engineers should be calculating stresses strains, deflections and wind loads and a certain amount of value engineering.

Interior designers should be selecting finishes, laying out furniture etc e[/b]tc

By now we all know that PlusSpec does all of these jobs and that is a big help, however, many of our users only use PlusSpec for only one of these jobs because that is what they are trained in, I can see why, yet the information that you guys are producing for yourselves has value to others. You have the capacity to make more money from your work or you could also do work for others or get others to do work for you. This brings me to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) In an ideal world it is horses for courses architects design, builders build, engineers certify and estimators quantify. In an ideal world the builders, architect, engineer, interior design & consultants used PlusSpec, this way the builder gets a virtual model that he or she can then change stud spacing or joist direction or even rafters to trusses, I used to do this all of the time as I could strip cost $$$ out of the job and make it easier to build yet more importantly I would find problems before they raised their ugly head onsite :sunglasses:

Over the last 4 months, you may be aware that we have moved into the USA and larger volume builders in many countries and these guys are asking if we can do their plans, and when I say their plans I mean all of them, thousands of them. :open_mouth: Now as you can imagine we are flat out doing our best to improve the functionality of PlusSpec :ugeek: but I have no doubt that many of you would have the ability to take on some of this work? Designers design, builders build and estimators estimate ETC ETC. IPD style. If I were a trained architect, which I am not, I would not feel comfortable giving an estimate to a builder because I may not know exactly how to build or exactly what is required, yes I would happily design the house yet I would shy away from the responsibility of value engineering or even delivering a BOQ in fear of getting it wrong. I would, however, be happy to hand my model on for a fee provided the responsibility of accuracy was that of the receiver. I am a builder and these drawing would have real value to me, not only because I did not have to estimate from a crappy piece of paper but because I could clearly understand the design intent and I could communicate costs and changes with subs, clients ETC If I were an engineer, which again I am not, I would shy away from drawing the entire project as I simply would not know the codes and tolerances or materials that could be used and how they should go together, but I would happy to receive a VDC PlusSpec model that had suggested structure from a builder or designer so I could simply alter, calculate and add the necessary structure required or change the size of beams according to my calculations. Do you see where I am going with this? You guys have the individual skills to create projects that meet budget, client expectations, that deliver estimates and feasibility studies and when you all work together we all win, industry wins and our futures look brighter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I will help to put it together.

Efficiency via the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Virtual Design & Construction VDC) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Integrated project delivery is where everyone has their say on the best outcome for the client, we all work together in the interest of doing a better job, more efficiently :purge-tool: with greater profit yet less cost to the end user. This is why the team and I created PlusSpec.

Please knock holes in what I am suggesting as it will help.
Please add your details or PM me if you are interested in being connected or becoming an active participant
Now is the time to get the ball rolling on IPD with PlusSpec and our industry globally will be more efficient when we get it right.

Currently, we are working with manufacturers to get you more products, so you do not have to create your own. It is a big help if you also contact manufacturers as many simply do not get it. Every time you talk to a manufacturers rep, complain to them that their marketing department is making their products difficult to specify, quantify and use. Manufacturers play one of the most important roles in construction and they need to be a part of IPD as well. BTW don’t forget to thank the many manufacturers who have taken the time to get us their content for you to use.

Hi guys and girls, thanks for PM me, It’d be great if you could add a comment here as starting the discussion is the key to implementation. It also allows me to respond when I am travelling internationally.

BTW for those of you who did not know, I will be at PCBC in San Diego next week. Booth 1917, it is at the front door. so If you are in the area come and say G’day. :sunglasses: