Insulation in Internal walls ?

I’m just creating some internal walls that are sound insulated. How would you best advise I go about this. PlusDesignBuild doesn’t have the option to add insulation to internal walls.
Should I instead model as a lightweight clad wall, and creat plasterboard material for the other side (plasterboard doesn’t exist as a cladding out of the box)
Best option for me would be if internal walls had the ability to be insulated, but I cant see that option

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The best way to do this is to associate insulation inside of the takeoff using recipes. Here is a tutorial on using the recipes tool:

I will check in with the dev team to see what the possibilities are to add insulation to internal walls.

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Did this get resolved? I can’t see the option for insulated internal walls on my selection - these are required for UK building code so it would be handy to have them.


Hi M, it is on a long list of suggestions and it will not be in our next release as this can be done easily with a recipe. Are you looking to simply show in model or are you trying to get a material take off?