Installation > Ruby -186-27 ?

During installation a message box was displayed with, “Ruby was not detected on this system”. Ruby-186-27 was subsequently installed.

I thought SU 2014 was installed with Ruby 2.0. Can you please clarify what is going on?

Thanks, John

Ruby 1.8 was used by SketchUp 2013 and earlier, and was required to be installed externally so PlusSpec could access some tools that didn’t come with SketchUp.
You are correct, however - SketchUp 2014 does use Ruby 2.0. I’ve patched the installer now so it will no longer install ruby if you are only installing to SketchUp 2014 (because it already has the tools we need!)
The installation itself should be harmless, but if you are not using SketchUp 8 or SketchUp 2013 and want to remove it you can do so using Add or Remove Programs, the entry will be named (something like) Ruby-186-27

Sorry for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response.