Inserting window above door

PlusSpec won’t let me insert a window above a door.

  1. Draw a new, standard wall, 200" high.
  2. Insert a door on the wall, (any door, from what I can tell. I’ve tried a single exterior and a double exterior)
  3. Select the wall, open the window tool, configure the header height to be 180", window height 30", press Submit.
  4. I can’t select an insertion point at any part of the wall that is directly above the door.

However, if I place the window to the side, I can then use the window reposition tools to position the window over the door.


Hi MasterSketchup,

Sorry but we are currently working on this. At the moment it is not possible to draw a window on top of a door like you have said.

The way to put a window on top of the door is to do it how you said it. Draw the window to the left or right of the door and then move it using the window redefine tool.

Kind Regards