information on take off and reports

Hi, I have been sent a link to the website for PlusSpec with a view to assessing it for use in take off and reporting. I have looked through the web site and through a few tutorials and have yet to find the answer to a few of my questions. I would like to know these questions before I download.

  1. Is the cost of Sketchup pro included with the licence for PlusSpec?
  2. I can see no information on the take off aspect of this software on the web site. Where can I find a list of take off items. I am familiar with a variety of take off - quantity surveying packages on the market and would like an understanding of how take off calculations / recipes are developed or modified etc in PlusSpec as well as product lists etc.
  3. Can SKU be applied?
  4. I cannot find any documentation reagrding the reporting of the take offs from PlusSpec. Is there a link I could go to to see actual reports that have been generated for the Australian market?

I look forward to hearing from you regarding these matters. Thank you in advance.

Hi Stan,

We have recently held a webinar on the Take-off/Estimating tools, which may be of assistance. See here: … 0672225548

Please note that SketchUp Pro is not included in the PlusSpec licence cost.

If you would like to know more, please contact me directly: