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I am new to PlusSpec and looking for a few answers to my questions below, possibly answers are already here and someone can just point me in the right direction.

-Lightweight Multi-Wall is drawing a single layer of Wall Bracing (correct) but counting more than double in the Material Estimate takeoff. Is this correct or can it be modified to count one layer of wall bracing?

-I need to uniquely identify bottom plates in wall assemblies for material and cost, and have them show accordingly on the material takeoff. How can this be accomplished?

-Thinking about the studs, plates, or rafter material lists, it possible to locate by label or color (?) pieces from the list in the model? I would like to save time associating material on the takeoff and where it comes from in the model.

-Can I add the following into wall assemblies:
• 1 layer of 4mil poly vapor barrier over the stud and under the plasterboard, creating a 7 layer wall
• Anchor bolts at a specified distance

-When adding doors, the bottom plate shows through the opening. How can this be fixed?

-When pricing concrete slabs/footings, termite barrier is not showing up on takeoff. How can this be fixed?

-Under a door header, PlusSpec places a horizontal wall stud in all openings. Many times this is unnecessary and also raises the header into the top plate. How can this be changed in the wall assembly as to avoid manual modification after drawn?

-How do you create concrete block walls where as you can achieve a block count in the material takeoff?

-How can a sub-fascia board be automatically added around the entire roof edge positioned against the rafter tail ends, and count the material in the take-off?

-There is a SketchUp extension called Profile Builder 2( as I see opportunity to quickly model additional detail beyond PlusSpec. For example, I could quickly draw a timber plate with bolts and sill seal on top of
PlusSpec block masonry walls, or draw rebar in footings and slabs. Is there a way for PlusSpec to recognize parts drawn by PB2 in estimates?

Thank you for the help!

Hi Steve01,

Thank you for your post.

I have answered all your enquiries below.

  • There appears to be an error with the Wall Bracing material. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This will be updated over the next couple of days. Please keep an eye on the PlusSpec splashscreen (Help Tool) as it will let you know when updates are available (see image below for more details), then all you will need to do is sync you materials using the Sync Tool.

Splashscreen Updates.png

  • At the moment the different sections of the wall framing can’t be split up. We are looking at doing something like this in the future but I’m not sure when.

  • The materials have been put on layers (for the wall framing, floor joists, roof framing, etc) so they can be turned on/off separately and estimated in separate areas.

  • At the moment you aren’t able to add the things you mentioned into wall assemblies. However, we do have a feature coming which will allow you to be able to add more material layers to the wall.

  • At the moment the way to fix the bottom plate coming through the door opening is to click into the wall framing and manually remove the timber in the opening.

  • There appears to be an error with estimating the underslab materials. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will take it back to the development team to look into.

  • At the moment the only way is to manually edit each opening but we are currently working on other options to the wall framing the should make options like this able to be done.

  • At the moment masonry materials will only estimate as an area measurement. However, I will take this back to the development team for further discussion.

  • Currently the only way to do something like this is to use one of the options in the Alternatives section of the Roof Framing Tool but in the next version there will be a Beam Tool which will do the same job and give you the result you are after.

  • PlusSpec isn’t able to recognize geometry from other programs and display them in the takeoff. The only way to get it to estimate is to use the PlusSpec BIM Tool to add the takeoff information to the geometry. If you are wanting to add timber beams to the model, as stated above. there will a tool in the next version that will allow you to do this.

7/8" Exterior Plaster - 1/2" plywood - 3 1/2" studs - 5/8" Gyp bd.

Hi Guys
I noticed on your wall assembly, the above mentioned (typical wall assembly here in the western US) is not included.
Am I missing this wall type?
Please advise.



Hi Derrick,

If you look for Lightweight Multi-Skin wall under Construction Type in the Wall tool, is it not there?

Kind Regards,