Inferencing does not work

Macbook Pro i7 Win7 under Parallels. Inferencing does not work for Plusspec, works with all standard SU tools. Also cannot lock direction w shift or arrow keys.

We are working on the Mac version now…
Parallels on Mac are not as good as we would like and I personally am looking for ward to full mac version.

Andrew - great to hear. Would be happy to play Guinea Pig once it’s ready.

I’ve noticed inferencing isn’t reliable on Windows either. Arrow key inferencing is really important to me. But I’ve also noticed the Shift key inference doesn’t always work either.

We have noticed that the inferencing with moving windows and doors can be improved on and it will become much like SketchUps inferencing but we aren’t sure what you mean by arrow key inferencing, would you be able to send a screen shot so we can understand it better please :slight_smile:

SketchUp has a feature where you can tap any of the arrow keys on your keyboard to lock inference. For example, grab the Line tool, click once to start the line, then tap LEFT arrow key to lock GREEN axis, RIGHT arrow key to lock RED axis, or UP arrow key to lock blue axis.

This is much faster than having to find the reference manually by aligning the mouse, then holding SHIFT to keep the inference. It would be great if PlusSpec could keep this native feature of SketchUp when using the various custom tools.

See (tip number 4. )

Yes that is something that we have thought about including into the software but it isn’t high priority.

I agree and also use this when drawing models with SketchUp.

I will have another talk to the developers and keep you updated on this.

Kind Regards