importing cladding


For any new products that aren’t already in the software you’ll need to create a new material. Below is a link on how to create materials.

Once a material has been created it will then be able to be estimated and will show up in the BoQ.

As mentioned above you can make your own materials by using the “Create Material” option from within PlusSpec. This is one of PlusSpec’s most powerful features.

See my other posts on this here viewtopic.php?f=15&t=318&p=2063#p2063 for additional information.

As a further example, attached is a “Shadowclad” ply panel I created… Shadowclad is a range of Plywoods from Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) in New Zealand. I modeled an accurate panel complete with face grooves and weather/joint grooves to show how detailed your self created materials can be. This panel shows accurately in a Takeoff/BOQ.