IFC Setup in PlusDesign Build

How do you add the following to a Drawing;


Hi sabromeo,

Thank you for your enquiry.

These IFC tags are added to the model when it’s exported as an IFC. If you imported the exported IFC file you should notice these IFC tags will be assigned to the 3 top-most groups of the model.

I would be happy to assist if you have any further enquiries.

I am trying to share an IFC file and they require to Have;



IfcBuildingStorey (with each storey within and the other items such as “IfcWall, IfcRoof, IfcSlab, IfcDoors, IfcWindows within each IfcBuildingStorey” We are unable to achieve this can you help

Grant’s answer is correct; it will work when you go to File (inside Sketchup) > Export 3D model and choose IFC from the drop-down (bottom right-hand side). I recommend exporting an IFC file and then re-importing it into Sketchup. This way, you will see what the end user will be receiving.
TIP: To find the classification assigned to each level, you need to drill into the model by double-clicking to see the classification. you need to have entity info open.

IFC entity info PlusDesignBUild BIM VDC for Sketchup.jpg
What version of Sketchup and PlusSpec are you using?
You can alter the pre-attributed IFC classifications in Entity Info.
You can group geometry and add your own IFC classification manually.