IFC exchanges data

I would like to know how your software exchanges data with other project participants if using openBIM ifc format for it. Is it possible to add ifc classificators to your model elements? Like using omniclass tables or any random ifc classification method?
Thanks in advance! -Vytautas

PlusSpec automatically attributes walls as IfcWalls, Concrete slabs as Ifcslab, and roofs as IfcRoofs etc.; you can override the IFC classification from the entity info in the default tray. The IFC geometry can be modified in SketchUp or any IFC-compatible program after export.

PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect enable you to import an IFC from Revit ArchiCAD etc., and it enables you to optimise the geometry (remove triangulation) and automatically associate tags (layers) with IFC classification so the geometry can be utilised more efficiently.

PlusDesignBuild will also create and export comprehensive, categorised IFC schedules and enable you to rename/ link products, associate suppliers/subcontractors and associate cost and margin to individual IFC components. These will be remembered with a 1to1 link for future imports. If you want to add Ominclass or Masterclass or any other information, you can add it individually or by category in the Takeoff, and it will be remembered the next time you import a file or drawing from scratch. You can also choose the visibility of such information. E.g. It would be unlikely to add such information in a client quote, yet you may want it in sub-reports, so yes, there is a lot of flexibility that is simple to access and use to suit your individual needs.

automticallly atributing IFC to walls slabs and roof.gif
This video shows the result of Automatic attribution in IFC2x3 and IFC4 classifications to walls, slabs and roofs In PlusSpec PlusArchitect & PlusDesignBuild plugins for Sketchup.