How to quantify/estimate from a 2D drawing inside Sketchup

PlusDesignBuild enables you to quantify directly from a set of plans simply by adding a face or an edge to a scaled plan, without having to trace with the wall tool or floor tool.
Here is how to do it

  1. Import a 2D plan and scale it by clicking the :selection-scale: Note there is a video tutorial inside the Scale tool that shows how to import and scale PDFs yet you can also drag and drop DWgs or images directly into Sketchup 18 and above
  2. Use the Sketchup rectangle tool or line tool to create a face over an item you wish to quantify as either a square or lineal measurement. TIP use Xray to see the face and the plan/elevation/drawing behind
  3. Use the Custome estimation Tool inside PlusDesignBuild to start associating information, measure and materials to faces, edges and groups to extract a quantity
  4. See this video by copying and pasting this text into Google