How to customize materials?


Where can I learn how to customize materials for example brick walls?
I’m Dutch so I selected the UK library.
I need to make several walls:

  • single brick wall 100mm

  • single brick wall 110mm

  • single brick wall 220mm

  • double brick wall with isolation 100-170-100mm


Does every material need a texture?
I have textures myself but can’t find how to use them within the Plusspec material editor.
It says drag and drop, but it doesn’t work.

Any help?

Thanks, Joep

Hi Joe,

Please take a look at this tutorial that we have created (Link Below). All these walls that you are asking for are very easy to create and after watching this tutorial you will understand how to create them.

Link - … mHmpL9yedP

No not every material needs a texture, You could just simply use a colour.
Watch the video above and you will learn how to use your own textures and create your own library.

Drag and drop works 100% when using Google Chrome. only the latest version of Internet explorer will allow you to use Drag and Drop.
Mac will never allow you to use Drag and Drop no matter what browser you are using. Only in certain instances has users been able to drag and drop on a MAC.

Instead of drag and dropping you can go back into SketchUp and go to the PlusSpec Toolbar and select the ‘SYNC’ tool. This will download your materials that you have created.

Kind Regards