How To Add Bearers To Joist and Add Steel Joists

Hi Guys,

I have been asked how to add bearers and use steel joists a few times now and so I have done a quick step by step tutorial below on both.

Adding bearers to joists.

  1. Draw your face
  2. Click the face so that the face is highlighted
  3. Open your joist tool
  4. Select your joist type and other options.
  5. Open ‘Bearers Options’ and tick the box that says ‘Enable Bearers?’

Bearer Options.jpg

  1. Select your bearer type and beam size.
  2. Click submit and your done

How to change to steel joists

    1. Draw your face
  1. Click the face so that the face is highlighted
  2. Open your joist tool
  3. Go to joist type and a drop down list will appear, Select the ‘Steel’ option
  4. Choose your spacing
  5. Select either Beam A or B
  6. Click on submit

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You may also want to check the drawing location from the face, it is at the top. Basically you can have the joists start from the top down when drawing or the bottom up.

I understand a lot of people are used to drawing top down, plan views in 2d view, especially when doing joist layouts. That is no problem, simply click the structure tab. It is easy to create joist layouts in PlusSpec and add in the associated trimming beams or annotations.
I’ll make a video if it is of assistance?