How much is the training day and when are they held?

Getting started with PlusSpec
Welcome to the new age of technology with design and construction.
Spend the day with like minded design and construction professionals. PlusSpec offers an essential day of training to get you and up and running quickly and easily. Learn how to get the most out of PlusSpec with essential tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your business.

So what will you learn?
How to charge for a quote
How to communicate better with your clients via the use of PlusSpec
How to reduce errors in your projects
How to maximise efficiency
What BIM is and its capabilities
How to collaborate efficiently with everyone involved without leaving your office (Integrated Project Delivery)
Sketchup tips and tricks

Special Bonus for attendees worth over $400
Get dynamic structural steel components
Get dynamic special electrical components
Get dynamic retaining walls components
Get a dynamic pool components
Get a powerful dynamic rafter tool that allows you to figure out the size and span of a standard material
Get dynamic gate components
Get dynamic cabinetry components
Get dynamic shower components
Get dynamic brick sill components
Learn about the NCC and see how it will be implemented into PlusSpec
6 CPD points

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