How Can I Check I have the Current Version of PDB

Hi Forum
I am hearing that PDB has the new addition to wall framing to allow for steel framing and battens etc
I am checking my walls tools but cannot seem to locate this.

How can I check if I have the I have the up to date version?

Sorry the upload attachment does not allow me to load a PDF or Docx of the screenshots

My Toolbar says Beta10 and V23.3.10

Appreciate some feedback


Dave Pemberton - Pembo

Pembo, You are in Beta, so you have to manually check on the website. If you update to the live version, it will update over the top of your beta. It is unusual for a live version to be later than the beta yet over Chriistam as we were under the pump, so we only sent a limited beta version and released it within one week.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to update to the live version