Help Required

Where can I learn how to customize materials for example brick walls? I’m Dutch so I selected the UK library. I need to make several walls:

  • single brick wall 100mm
  • single brick wall 110mm
  • double brick wall with isolation 100-170-100mm etc.

Does every material need a texture?
I have textures myself but can’t find how to use them within the Plusspec material editor It says drag and drop, but it doesn’t work.

Can anyone help?

Hi there Paul welcome!
Paul, there is an article about it here
Paul, there is also a tutorial here
You can also use your existing textures even Sketchup materials. Eg if you created a rectangle in Sketchup and assign a material you can then go to materials in the model and export that material as an image.

Also, note that every tool has its own set of Youtube videos they are conveniently placed in the Orange “?” question mark at the top of each tool.

Also looking for this

Hi jkenn,

You may check our videos on how to create materials link below.


Let us know how it works for you.
Thank you.