Hello & a couple of questions

Hi there,
I have been using Sketchup for my landscape design visualisation work for quite a while now and am rather excited about the possibilities of PlusSpec.
You see, I wish to bring house plans into 3D as quickly and painlessly as possible in order to show off the potential landscape design around them.
After a few hours of tutorials and general experimenting I have a couple of questions regarding the roof tool.
When editing with the roof pitch editing tool to create a gable end, I lose geometry. Please see screen capture attached.
Secondly does the roof tool have options for dealing with a small gable end as shown in two images attached.
Many thanks for your assistance. :smiley:

Hi Manuela!

Thanks for your questions :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the normal Gable ? (As shown in your screenshot from PlusSpec) or a Dutch Gable (As Pictured in your photos)

Currently Dutch gables aren’t included - But if you just wanted to fill in the wall.

  1. Select the Wall
  2. Right Click and Select “Edit Wall”


Select Wall Tool

  1. Select the Construction Mode Drop Down and Select “Gable”

This will then prompt the Fine Detail Menu - Where you will have to enter your roof Pitch! (As Shown in the Screenshot below).

I hope this helps