Happy Client

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you that i showed my first 3d 2 storey house for a client today. I am trying to introduce PlusSpec into our company and my boss gave me a house to draw up as a tester, as a client can’t visualise the 2D properly. I had a meeting today, they were ecstatic! They could see their home and the 2 choices they were contemplating, they were happy with their choices and signed the contract!!

It was very rough for my first attempt, but it shows even the roughest drawing can be a winner :smiley:

Me happy, Client happy and Boss happy!!!

SamL concept for streetfront.png

Hi Sam,

This is great to hear. It’s also a great model.

PlusSpec allows the client to get a feel and look of the completed house as a model so that they have the choice for their best fit home.

You can only get faster, more efficient and more advanced from here :slight_smile: Great work and keep winning jobs :slight_smile:

Kind Regards