hand rail tool

Hi Guys
are there any plans in the coming releases to have more handrail types? or is there a way for us to create our own profiles and materials and use them in the tool.
I would like to see the peak balustrading from bunnings, pool fence profile or an option for the frameless glass (supported from the bottom).

Hi Myles,

Thank you for your post.

Yes we are planning on adding different handrail/balustrade types in future releases but it hasn’t been confirmed on when at the moment.

Would you be able to pleas attached some images of the handrail types you’re like to see?

Hi everyone at PlusSpec. I second this request to have additional options for railing. I am new to PlusSpec (less than a week) and am very impressed with the railing tool! Just need more options and configurations.

We need to be able to offset paths, adjust posts, and have option for balusters per tread. Please reference Revit or Chief Architect for options to include. If you nail this tool you could win over ALOT more users! Keep up the good work!