Group select for Door Edit

I can select multiple walls to make edits but now I have multiple doors in a big project which need to have their heights changed. My computer is a bit on the slow side and a one by one edit is going to take a long time. Is there a way?

Good Day Arnold,

Thanks for your post.

To make changes to multiple doors of the same type, select the door edit tool and left-click first door. Now hold down Ctrl, and continue left click each door that you want to change. Once all doors of this type have been selected, whatever you edit in the attributes will update all doors (including if you were to change the door type).

Can you please try this and let me know how it goes for you?


Good on you Zach. Yes that works. I trust you have a good reason for using Ctrl click to add to a selection rather than Shift click which you would expect in Windows?

Good Day Arnold,

I’m glad to hear that worked!

Ctrl was the key selected to use, as it is one of the selection buttons in SketchUp. Thank you for your suggestion of using the Shift key, I will pass this along to the development team for further discussion.