Ground floor roof into First floor

Hi Guys,

I’m pretty new to plusspec.

Just wondering how I go about doing the ground floor roof into the first floor without showing inside the first floor.

I’m when we generate the face at the top of the walls we need to delete the footprint inside the first floor.

However when I tried that I was missing some sections of roof where the first floor wall was directly over the top of the ground floor wall. Plus on a few other random sections next to a valley.

Is there a way to cut a hole in the roof once it’s up?

Hi PGKeegan
It sounds like you need to move your section cut plane up or down so it is not cutting through the ground floor roof.
To do this

  1. Left-click on the floor plan scene
  2. Orbit your model
  3. Select the move tool and left-click on the section plane.
  4. Move the section plane until the ground floor roof shows as required.

I hope this helps.
There are other ways to have a section plane cut just some items and not others, but I think the above will solve your problem.
I you want a section plane to cut part of a model, all you need to do is create a group of the portion of the model you want to cut> Drill inside the group and create a section inside the group. You can right-click on a scene and update the scene Eg Floor plan and it will remember the active cust.
Section plane move to show ground floor plan.jpg

Hi Andrew,

Sorry I’m not sure I understand.

Do you mean that we use the section tool to stop the roof from protruding through first floor walls into the building?

I’ve managed to compress my photo to upload so you can see my issue through the windows.

Oh I see what you mean. There are several ways to create a 2 storey roof.

  1. Create the individual roof separately. Eg top roof and then the bottom roof, to do you may use the gable tool to switch zero overhangs to cut the roof against the second-level bricks or cladding.
  2. Use “create face at top of walls” on the ground floor and then use create face at top of wall on the second level. Then push-pull the top floor face down until it touches the ground floor. This will create the ground floor roof and top floor roof for you in one go without having to add gables to cut against the cladding.

PGKeegan, my tip is to watch the free built-in tutorials in the question mark at the top of the roof tool page. You can copy an paste this link into google
You should be creating a roof from a face yet there is a little bit to understand about this, it is easy when you know how. Mate call the office and book in some training if you are struggling 0296792429.
Tip: always create rooves from the pitching point. I hope that helps.

Ok Thanks Andrew one of those tutorials explained how it should work with the zero overhang pretty well.