ground contours


1-how do you draw ground contours? the houses in qld are raised on support posts (steel and timber) and the ground levels are quite steep in areas. also how can i put slats under the house, is there a BIM model for slats? Also cannot select steel support posts SHS 75mm x 75mm (most commonly used here for re-stumping).

2-i can’t seem to edit the stair case size or tread amount? is there an option to install steel stringers and timber/glass balustrade?


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1: (I’ll leave this for Andrew to Reply too)

2a: There are two ways to edit a Dynamic component:

  • Right click on the component (in this case the stair case) you have created and down the bottom of the menu select “Dynamic Components>Component Options”
  • The second option is to click the Component Options button (shown below) and then click the dynamic component you wish to edit.

That will bring up this menu shown below:

2b: Steel Stringers and Timber / Glass balustrades are on our To-Do List.

Currently there is only lines to represent the handrails as the model would be too large with all the different types of handrails possible.

There are a couple of ways. If you go to add location. Google Earth. Then go to layers and you’ll notice there are two Google Earth layers. One is a flat 2d image the other is contoured.
If you want to get more accurate I suggest getting your surveyor to do the contour map in 3d(most do it this way by default)
If you have cad you should put all geometry on one layer before export. It just makes it easier to handle the layers.
I’m on my phone at the moment so I can’t post an example.
You need to use the scale tool or ensure you export the contour plan at 1 to 1.