getting two different walls to project and join


I am having problem with getting two different wall types to join in order to create a loop.
for example, i have a standard brick veneer wall within the garage but need to change it to a double brick wall that situates the garage door at the face of the garage. how can this be achieved?
another situation is joining a veneer brick wall with a typical clad wall (commonly found on 2 story additions)?

any help would be much appreciated!

cheers, Matt.

Hi Matt,

In short you can join the two wall together. Below is a link to a video. Watch it from the 5:55 mark.

The main reason most people create a loop is to make the roof easier to draw, yet you can draw a simple face over your walls or any area to create a roof from face. Therefore in this situation there is no need to create a loop.

Thanks for sharing Grant. Interesting video in its entirety.