Generate Scenes; User Configurability

Say I want to add a Scene in which the External Finishing was turned off and I wanted it to be added to the Generate Scenes configuration. Is there a way to accomplish that?

Hi John, unfortunately not, in saying that you can right click the scene and update according to the layers that you need customised. I am happy to consider changing the default scene category. Can you post an image of what you would like.
It would be great to have the functionality you mention though e.g. :scene-gen: like a custom scene tool for users to save as a default or as an option. I know a lot of users have some great styles. I will put this on our future developments list as it is a great idea. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :smiley: .
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Hey Andrew,

Just an additional scene where the Internal Finishes Layer is turned off, when timber structure walls are present in the model, so that the windows, doors, etc., can be viewed in relation to the timber framing.

** Perhaps there should be a “Survey Area” added to the forum for users to vote on for potential updates/tweaks to PlusSpec.
Only forum admin people could generate the survey.
When a new survey thread is created, then it would automatically be pushed out to all registered users via email to vote on.
Scenes for Timber Walls.skp (1.07 MB)

Agreed we are working on it . Thanks John