General Feedback

1.) Beam tool vs component element.

The beam tool allows you to price/m for various sections. When you install as components you can only fix price. UB, PFC, RHS sections etc in the beam tool which price correctly but the UC, SHS and CHS etc are in the component tools and cannot have a per metre price attributed. Why is this? It would be great if these standard sized section could be added to the beams for pricing. The other one I use is Glulam Beams which again have standard sizes and it would be great if they could be added.

2.) Plasterboard (as an example.)
Fire line plasterboard is listed at various different location in the take off CSV file and attributed to various layers and codes. This means (unless I am mistaken.) that I need to keep all these different lines up to date with the same price. Can this not be simplified so only have 1 entry for fire plasterboard which covers all area? This happens for lots of different material in the CSV file. (Particulary to the 6000 lines of paint!.)

3.) Adding new Sections.
We can add new material to plus spec. It here any way that we can add new sections to say the timber joist or steels? I have create a full series of Beams/Columns but I cannot get them to price per/m when I create them as components. (Might be my skills are limited.)

4.) Bottom Plates
Bottom plates run through the doors. Can they but cut at door location. Currently we switch them off but then they are not priced. Plus does not look great in model.

Regarding Point 3 I have managed to add new sections using the materials in the beams it is more intelligent than I thought. (missed this sorry.) This has however raised a further issue. In the beams you cannot access the sizes of the section that are installed, whilst you can when they are added from the components. Can this be updated so that we can use the information that is there?

The reason the component tool counts as an each item is so builders can quote on fabricated items as each items. The beam tool quantities lineal measures. My tip is to create a column using the beam tools and then add base plates and anything else you may need to purchase or assign to a supplier or subby. Then select everything and roght click create a component and save it to a folder or drive. This way you simply drag and drop it back in. If you need to change the post length simply break inside the component and usec right_click extend beam.