Gable Roofing

I am trying to construct a small gable roof over a porch and I have opted to great two skillion roofs to achieve this. I am using the Ctrl key where I don’t want to create and overhang and all went well on the first side. The second side however is giving me issues. The gutter seems to get rotated through 90°, I could cheat and flip the first side, but can you advise where I have gone wrong?


is there a way to change or add a new gutter profile or to miss it off altogether?

how do I alter the walls up to create the gable pike, I have initially tried splitting the wall centrally and turning it into two skillion walls, but I guess that there is a better way?


Hi Alan,

Before doing all that I would recommend watching the PlusSpec tutorial at the link below. This tutorial shows you how to create a gable roof and then turn the walls construction mode into a gable wall. … _r&index=5

I have tested on my end many various ways trying to get this gutter to be rotated but I cannot. Please send a screen capture so that I can see exactly what is happening.
What you could also do is create a copy of one side and than right-click - flip along - groups red.

When a gutter is drawn you can keep click on the gutter until only it has gone blue. Once blue than press the delete button and it will be deleted.

By watching the above video you will learn how to do this.

Kind Regards