Gable end issue

I have an issue creating a gable end wall. in the picture attached i have created the gable roof in the section of the house. There is a Larger gable directly behind another. The wall below the gable does not run the full length of the roof gable, therefor the wall does not fill in completely. Can anyone offer a fix to this?
Gable issue2.jpg

There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. use the base of the wall as standard (level top) and draw another wall on top and split that wall in the centre of the gable. You may want to hide the dividing line in this method.
    2 use the base wall and split the wall (right click split wall, Enter) then use the :redefine-wall: or skillion option in the :wall-tool: tool
    I hope this helps, it is a good question , please let me know if you want a video.