Future Features

Hello There,

I am very interested in purchasing this software, but I am wondering if what changes are coming to this program in the future??


I noticed that this software cannot create a Gable Roof. This style of roof is the most common type in my “neck of the woods”. There are many other roof types that i would also need to create, such as:
-Open Gable
-Box Gable
-Dutch Gable
-Gazebo Roof
-Saltbox Roof
-Barn Roof
-Many Others


Can there module for creating basements? Maybe options for either ICF Foundations, Basic Poured Walls, Cinder Block Foundations, etc. A sub-command for creating footings too would be necessary. It would be great if there where customized material options for rebar that could be quantified in the takeoff report, as well as be shown in a transparent view when constructing the 3D model. A great total takeoff report would show # ICF blocks/Cinder Blocks, Volume of Concrete, LF of rebar, # of anchor bolts, LF of weeping tile, etc.

Floor Joists & Beams:

Maybe this options is already there…Can there be options for different types of beams, and joists? It is common here to use laminated wooden beams 3-2x12, and wooden I joists(usually 12") and surround it all in Rim Board. It would be beneficial to have this option.

Electrical Module:

Would it be possible to have a electrical module to help quantify electrical quotes? If you could drop in locations for light switches, lights, 110V/220V plug-ins, heaters, Panel Box, etc, it should be possible to show a takeoff report that shows, amount of wiring, switches, etc.

Plumbing Module:

Would it be possible to create a plumbing module? Drop in locations for water and sewer connections, input sizes, input pipe type, plot route…than quantify total lengths of pipe, and number of fittings required.

I really feel that this product has unlimited potential, and look forward to what the future brings.



Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the message. v1 of the new roof tool is coming out in a couple of days which is capable of modifying the roof to a great detail (gable roof etc all possible) I think you should test out a trial version and see how you go with it.

I will pass this on and see what we can do there.

Floor Joists & Beams:
Yes there is already an option for different types of beams and joists

Electrical Module:
This is something we are working on right now and will be available shortly.

Plumbing Module:
This one is something we’re thinking about but don’t have a solid model yet, so this could be a little further away.

If you want to have a go at a trial version please sign up here:

Then email me on aryan@rubysketch.com and I will activate your trial account. The new roof tool will probably be available by next week.


If I purchase the Current Version now, Will i have access to the new Roof Tool when it is available? As well I understand you are coming out with an American and Canadian version of the software (includes materials that pertains to these countries) in the near future…will this be a separate purchase, or included in the current version?

Hey Andrew,

You can purchase the new version now (30 Day Money Back Guarantee) Roof Tool Shouldn’t be more than a week away I’d say. With your purchase $395 you get all updates and upgrades for free for the term of your subscription (12 months) yes that is including the new roof tool and any other updates. We do understand without US materials PlusSpec might not be that useful to you, so as soon as the US version is released we will extend your license for the length that took us to get the US version out to you, for example if the US version is finished in 3 months, simply just email us and we will extend your license by 3 months.

Thats a great deal! I think i will take up that offer!!!

When do you expect the US version to be released? Couple months? Less than 12 months??

We might have something for you by the end today or possibly Monday and from there and on you can go ahead and suggest more materials on the forum and we will add them in.


Hi I was also wondering if the roof tool could include

  • structural elements in the roof for those pitching roofs
  • for those using trusses (extensively used in Australian industry) could we have a truss generator, I realise these would not be engineered but it would be handy to have different trusses available to show in the model and use on the drawings for sections and such.

I also wondered if there was a way to partner with existing Timber/Lvl companies and embed span information into the program. For example Hyne have a program which allows a user to design members according to building code specs base on spans, roof loads etc. to have this information embedded into plus spec so that a user could specify the loading involved and be presented with a range of timbers which would be suitable would be awesome!

See link below

I also thought the take-off tool while fantastic needed some refinement so that unit prices could be specified, also an easy export to excel would be a great help

Just some thoughts but thanks heaps for plus spec it has been a longtime coming and will make sketchup even better


Hi Bennet,
I am testing the new roof tool now, rafters, hips, valleys and eave trimmers are not complete as yet. The new roof tool is much more powerful and you have a lot more control over the result. We have looked at Trusses and there a are few variables that we have not completed as yet. Girder trusses and truncated truss positioning is what we are trying to achieve in the long term. It cane be done yet making it easy to use is not as easy as it sounds. Our aim is to make the entire package as intuitive as possible.
Have you tried designIT by Carterholt Harvey http://www.chhsoftware.com/designit-for-houses/ As this software changes and updates all the time we would really need to work closely with these companies and I can see logistical problems. I suggest you always use your engineering software, we can put in suggested spans to verified by the builder or designer.
. Also if you have other supplier in Australia you would like to get on, please let us know. We do have some cool things coming that will enable you to use a heap of new products, time is the only thing slowing us down.
If you have any thing that you need you can email adam@rubysketch.com there is a chance we already have it but it does not hurt to ask.

Thanks Andrew, I take your point regarding working closely with the manufacturer, I had not been using the carter holt program but will have a look, I have a program called smart frame and also use the Hyne program which I have found invaluable.

Hello Everyone,

Just to ensure that there is no confusion, please note that the 30 day guarantee offer, mentioned in this Forum post, was only available for the first month after release (April 2015). This offer is no longer available, and it has long since been removed from our website and our Terms and Conditions.