Freelance Plusspec Technician for Hire


I am an Irish architectural technician that specializes in Autocad, Sketchup and Lumion software.

I started using Plusspec a few months back and I immediately saw the massive time saving potential of the software.

I have spent the past few months learning the software and although I am not an expert yet, I feel I am ready to offer my services to any builders and architects that need help.

I have years of experience in the construction industry here in Ireland but I am not too familiar with the Australian Building Codes and construction methods - although I am a fast learner. I am looking for long term partners to work with, just like I have here in Ireland.

I have a brochure that explains my services and fees in detail that I can email to you.

I am also an expert in Lumion 3D architectural visualization software. So if you need a great looking 3D model or animation, I can provide that too.

If you would like to ask me anything and see examples of my work please email me anytime at:


John Clancy

Hi John, we have several users who are doing this for builders, estimators and even engineers. Can I suggest you add few screenshots of some the work you are doing as everyone has their own style. It does not take long to do a screenshot of a project or even a small section of a project. I have no doubt this will help you get more users, it may even help us match you up with other users in your area.
This is a modular building I was messing around with, it is only small yet users understand that I can do this genre of work. I hope this helps. :sunglasses:
Modular construction framing and estimating.jpgModular construction 60sqm 2 bedroom framing cladding and estimating.jpg