To all,

I see on the Plus-Spec Website the Free Form Design badge has materialised…?

This since I purchased Plus-Spec a long time ago is what I believe I’ve been waiting for, i.e. to use Plus-Spec for real projects. As in it’s current form, it wasn’t flexible enough for our UK market, so pretty excited to see this may be happening soon. I’d be interested in seeing more info about how flexible this new version will be, ‘mum’s’ the word naturally if still not publically released info.

Over & out,

Hi Clayton,

Free form design and modeling is one of PlusSpec’s most important aspects. We have been working on making free form design as simple and efficient as possible for our users. We understood that PlusSpec in BETA stages was not flexible enough for other markets including the UK but with our full release coming we believe we have made PlusSpec flexible enough for real projects.

Try update to the latest version of PlusSpec, it isn’t the full release with the major forms of free form modeling but it does have tools that allow you to push pull walls where ever you want and the walls will still stay connected, you can edit a wall at the push of a button, you can copy multiple windows at once and much much more…

Full release is exciting and I can see you are just as excited as I am to bring free form modeling to you.

Kind Regards