Hi. I’ve attached a sample drawing of what I’m looking to produce manufacturing drawings & cutting lists etc. Is this something PlusDesignBuild can do? Is it possible to create manufacturing drawings as shown in the attached images?
Ext Walls-Ex 2.jpg
Roof-Ex 1.jpg

Hi Stephen, the short answer is Yes; this is possible to create the stud frame wall panel details as you have attached.

Straight out of the box, PlusdesignBuild will create frame details according to your input and the material type selected or created. You can view them in 3D inside Sketchup and export them as a Layout file with Scale. You can also use the advanced framing option in the Takeoff to add the text you have added via a CSV / Excel spreadsheet import, or you can copy and paste text from eth BOQ directly into the layout file.
2d 3d Wall frame panelization drawing plugin for Sketchup model in PlusDesignBuild.gif
PlusDesignBuild will automatically label wall frames with numbers in a Layout file that can be edited and saved as PDF. If there are changes to teh original file Eg adding a new window, changing a lintel size or adding a door, the plugin will re-design the wall and create a revision file in Layout for you.