Frame material not included in Take off

Take off.pngHi, I have an issue with no framing material being included in Take off. Other material such as Cladding, windows are included in take off just no timber framing. I have tried using both takeoff/quantify tool and Right click - Take off - Selection with same result.

Hi Scott, this is an easy one, click on the Blue “Framing” button and then click on the “Edit/See More” when the framing option expands

Scott there are two modes for framing/lumber quantification.

  1. Typical framing take off which is the default and this mode will give you the total lineal length of all framing members Eg 90x45 355lm, 140x45, 733lm and you can add recipes to each item per lineal measure in the recipes
  2. Advanced framing Takeoff This will break down framing into order length and cut the length of individual frame members. Eg Stud 90x45 Stud 8@2530 (order length 8@2.7m), top plate 2@4450(order length 2@4.5m) etc etc

it appears as though you have advanced frame take-off selected, and as a result, you need to click on the blue framing tab (in the image above) and then click on edit to see more. I will respond with a video shortly
How to do a BOQ ad find cut lenths and order lengths of lumber in Sketchup using PlusDesignBuild BIM plugin.png

Advanced framing BOQ lumber takeoff inside Sketchup using PlusDesignBuild for Sketchup.gif This video shows how to change from advanced framing BOQ/estimate (cut length and order length) to traditional BOQ in lineal measures