Foundation Walls?

I’m not seeing much in the form of foundation walls in the wall tool…

A simple poured foundation wall where you can define the wall thickness, and perhaps a footing as well. (Similar to how the slab tool works). I see there’s a “Block”, and “Block core filled”, but those walls draw out to 4" thick. How do I draw an 8" block wall, or a 12" thick block wall? What about a solid poured concrete wall? For now, I’m drawing them manually, but what I’m missing is the ability to insert hopper windows where I need them. Am I missing something?

The new version will allow you to do this. Yet you can do it with the slab tool .
First select your parameters of the wall in the concrete slab tool and draw a quick slab on the ground and delete it. Then select a face and go back to the slab tool and click submit.
concrete walls or footings.jpg