Forming a Loop

Many times when I have drawn the exterior walls, I try to generate face at top or bottom of wall. I get a message, as well as being prevented from doing so. The message says:
Walls don’t appear to form a loop
I then go around to each corner/intersection and try adjusting, sometimes deleting and re-drawing sections. Its always just guess-work, and trying different things till eventually it works.
Anyone know what the %^$# is going on?

This message comes when walls are either different heights or different widths or not connected as a loop, which is usually due to not scrolling in when completing a loop.
It is common for walls to be of different heights and different types and in this instance, the best way to move forward is to create a face using the rectangle tool to create a face.
My best tip when doing this is to choose the rectangle tool then push the up arrow on your keyboard to ensure the rectangle is on the correct plane. NOTE you will see the rectangle turn blue.

How to create a roof when walls don’t form a loop:

  1. Select the line tool inside Sketchup
  2. Push the UP arrow button on your keyboard to ensure your rectangle is on a level axis
  3. Left click on the corner you wish to start drawing your rectangle
  4. Left click on the corner you wish to finish drawing your rectangle ( a rectangle should now be drawn)
  5. If your roof is an L shape you should draw another rectangle to cover that area ( you should now have 2 faces, you can check by pushing the space bar and left-clicking on a face)
    6 You can also divide a face using the line tool or even subtract from a face by erasing an edge.
    7 once you’re happy with the area the face covers simply right click the face and select Roof, choose your materials, overhang & pitch and push the submit button at the bottom.

King Carpenter this video explains these processes super well mate. It is well worth watching