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PlusSpec Version: PlusDesignBuild b e t a version 22
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 23
Computer Type: PC Windows 11
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Just a request if possible to incorporate.

With the new footing reinforcement tool:

In the wall tool when using the “Footing/Foundation TooL”
We tick the“footing Reinforcement?” box
Layers of mesh set to Both
Tie spacing set to say 600mm
Footing mesh can be what ever.
The issue is when the Footing Tie Spacing tool counts, it counts it through out the whole job.

Can Plusspec create a “material box” option to be able to allocate different ligatures to different footings?

At the moment, I am leaving this box unticked and linking these ligatures in the material selection unter “edit see more”

Fyi, the same goes for:
Door Hinges
Door Screws

With thanks,

Hi Simon, thanks for the suggestion. Can you give me more info on stirrups/ligatures or post a URL link? This way I I can look into the best way to add a ligature name per wall. Also, I’m not sure what “material Box” is. Do you mean the “Create/Manage” material box?

Currently, you can change the trench mesh per wall but not the lig type.

  1. How many different ligature Types/names are there? I know of three 1)Open Loop, 2) closed-loop 90deg 3) closed-loop135 deg. We could add these names in a drop-down but I will be guided by your suggestion
  2. Is it better if you type your names or select from a drop-down and change the name in the takeoff?
  3. Should we have “Started with” and “end with Ligature” option?
  4. Have you used the "Piers under footings yet?
    Footing reinforcement_ ligatures and trench mesh drawn in 3D for a BOQ in PlusDesignBuild.jpg

Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your post.
We reply as follows:

  1. Not to fussed about the type. Looking for the option to create a new material and rename.
  2. See picture
  3. Don’t think so
  4. Yes
    Screenshot 2024-01-17 154016.png