Floor tool - cutting openings

Hey guys, got a request for the floor tool. Can you add an option to the context menu to cut an opening in it ad you do for the slab? Like this:

youtube.com/watch?v=LSYiiPx … NarAWzNrOu

Hi Andrew,

You are going to love our next release. Lets just say that even the cut openings for slabs have even become more advanced and the functionality has grown.

Thanks for posting.

Kind Regards

Thanks Dean, so the cut function is now part of the floor tool too?

We are still working on this and figuring out exactly what we are doing but it wont be the only tool with this functionality.

Kind Regards

Hi Andrewc,

Check out our new Coming Soon page: plusspec.com/coming-soon/

Wow, very cool guys!!!

All the best to you fellas for the festive season…!

Thank you Andrew,

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

Kind Regards